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The Frontliner 2x8W

Traditional bulky guitar combos have narrow dispersion patterns and cranking them up leaves the audience in pain and the sound man angry. Tilt back legs or stands help but kill bass response and don’t eliminate comb filtering from unwanted reflections.

The Frontliner 2x8W’s 20 degree speaker angle and ultra wide dispersion aim your tone where you need it instead of blasting the front row. The closed back cuts down on unwanted reflections making your sound more controlled and focused.

Not your average guitar cabinet, the Frontliner 2x8W is constructed from durable plywood that is mysteriously lighter than anything you can find at your local hardware store. No expense was spared in crafting the ultimate professional solution.

– CNC milled footcups to precisely locate amplifier in docking bay

– Quick release thumbscrews let you detach your head for fly dates

– Brushed, black anodized, aluminum plate securely retains amplifier

– High grade, ultra-light plywood for minimum weight

– Dual 8” concert grade drivers

– Heavy duty input jack and speaker wiring with strain relief terminations

– Chrome plated, rubber cushioned steel reinforced handle

– 130° dispersion with 20° speaker tilt delivers wide, clear coverage

– T-5052 aircraft grade anodized aluminum alloy grill

– Ballistic nylon cover (included) protects your investment

– Accepts Quilter 101 Series, or Quilter “Block” style amplifiers

Designed as the ultimate portable solution to turn your Tone Block, Pro Block, 101, or other Quilter “Block” style amplifier into an instant combo without sacrificing the portability of your head.

Easily locate and retain your amplifier with two rapid release thumbscrews instantly converting your Frontliner 2x8W into a 30 pound, high powered combo!


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